Play Roles

play roles 1

The right play activities and serving as a playmate can enable kids to develop their cognitive, physical, and emotional strengths while allowing the parent to monitor and direct them. Children are most often emotionally attached to their playmates, and serving as their playmate would often promote better relationships and understanding. Adequate playtime would further allow kids to overcome their fears and become stronger. However, it is important to allow the play to be child driving rather than adult driving. The parent has to act the child while the child should take up adult responsibilities to enable them to develop mental strength and problem-solving skills. At Pythagoras Magnets, we have lots of fun toys that can allow children to take up the adult role while allowing the parents to take up the child’s role. This is necessary because when roles are reversed, parents can adequately observe the kids and understand the thinking / behavioral pattern of the kid, which would allow you to direct the path of the kid and create the unique boding. Misunderstanding is bound to set in if you don’t understand your kid. This is also the case when kids do not understand the parent. But with the right play role, you have the unique opportunity to better understand your kids, which is necessary for proper bonding and harmony. This understanding gained through playtime can cut across other areas of the child’s life and would last a lifetime.

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