Mutual health benefits of play

mutual health benefits of play 1

Did you know that playing with your kids does promote not only good bonding for parent and child but also beneficial to the mental wellbeing and general health of the parent? Play is a form of exercise that can help you relax better after a long and stressful day of work. When you are less stressed, you feel happy, and there is less transfer of aggression to your kids, which can, in turn, promote a happy home necessary for good bonding.

Regular fun play with your child can also promote weight loss and offer you a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, there is a hormone that is secreted when you play with your kids. It is called the oxytocin hormone, which is known as a bonding chemical. The levels in the body are usually increased when parents play with their kids. Your children would also experience a significant boost in Oxytocin levels when they play with their parents. Therefore you should always find time to play with your kids no matter your schedule.  People usually associate playtime with outdoor spaces, but that is not true. At Pythagoras Magnets, we have lots of fun toys that can enable you to play with your kids no matter the type of space you have.

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