How to play with your kids

how to play with your kids 1

So many parents do not know how to play with their kids, and some have completely lost the ability to do so. It is important to get fun toys that can enable you to play in the right form with your kids, and you do not have to rack your brain over that. You should also opt for toys that are mentally challenging and would give the kid an adult role while reversing your role to the child’s role. Here are a few things to note while playing with your kids

  • Child centric model: Ensure that the play session is mostly focused on the kids. Remember, the play is not designed to develop you primarily; instead, it is designed to develop the child. Pythagoras Magnets toys are designed with the child-centric model and can let you focus on the child while giving you the physical benefits you deserve. The magnatiles100 piece set, magnatile car, Picasso tiles and many more are all designed in the customer-centric model to give you maximum benefits
  • Enjoy each other: Your play must be designed to let you enjoy each other. Therefore, you should look out for toys that can promote this. If you have been on a hunt for a toy that can allow you and your child to enjoy each other, look no further. Our toys at Pythagoras Magnets offers you that and many more benefits.  Even though our toys primarily focus on the child, they also focus on the parent as well in some capacity. This is necessary to enable the child to learn from the parent and help to create joy and bond.
  • Focused on Childs’s language: The toys you buy should sound like the child s language. It should gesture like a child, cry like a child, and generally contain letters and objects the child can understand. If the expressions are not based on what the child can understand, then the play may not be fun for the child, and the essence of bonding would be lost.

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