Getting Kids Back into Routine After the Holidays

getting kids back into routine after the holidays 1

Between family gatherings, opening presents and tobogganing this holiday season, it’s likely that school or home school has been a distant memory for kids! The holidays go by so quickly, don’t they? A new year is upon us and our kiddos will be getting back into the routine of school or home school.

Back to school for preschoolers

This may be the first time they have returned to school or home school after a break. Parents need to make sure they understand that school will continue after the holidays. Trying counting the days down on a calendar two or three days before they start back to remind them that they’ll be back learning again. If their sleep schedule has been disrupted, think about getting them back into their usual bedtime routine a few days before school begins, so they go back fresh and ready to go.

You’ve likely read lots of bedtime stories over the break and this is a good way to keep developing their emerging reading skills, even though they are away from their books. Winter-themed books are perfect this time of year and continuing with reading practice will ease the transition back into preschool or kindergarten.

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