All our magnet toy sets are created to improve your child’s math, science, motor, creative, tactile, and spatial skills. They can also be used strategically to develop all of their executive functions. As your kids play with the alphabets, blocks, constructions, etc., they learn to socialize with each other, imagine, solve problems, recognize shapes and colors, share, stop an activity, grab and move around, investigate, and aspire to be something productive in the future. This makes our products a terrific STEM toy for classroom use.
Our magnet toys are built with great quality, able to last for many years.
Yes, our magnet toys are built with the best quality in magnet and plastics. Our magnets are placed inside each toy away from your lovely tots reach. Each of our magnet set reaches or exceeds the set safety standards of various international organizations, including that of ASTM and en 71.

Our magnet toys are made of high-quality materials. Due to our passion for safety, we only utilize magnets made from either ceramic or rare earth neodymium. Alongside this, we place these magnets safely inside the plastic toy made from food-grade ABS, BPA free material. Also, each of our products passes through the various international safety standards and performance tests to ensure they are both working and suitable for children up to 3 years and more.

All our magnet toys are built for kids and people up to 3 years and more. Anyone can play with it and enjoy its educational and creative values. However, for starters, we recommend the Magnetic Figure Set Pack 4. This set has all the right shapes, pieces, and colors to educate the mind and build whatever your three years old can imagine.

Creativity, educational, and fun has never been so experienced with the 224 pcs Magnetic Letter Board. We recommend them for any family and classroom as they have ample pieces to share among members.


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