How it all Started

My name is Eitan Prawer. My story begins after several years of teaching children in Elementary School. I noticed that the kids seemed to lack a natural curiosity about the world – both the physical world and the people around them. I believe that curiosity and imagination are vital not just to learn and discover about how the world works but even more importantly to be curious about other people- how others think, what they feel and what is important to them. It is through imagining that we feel safe to leaving the comforts of our own experience so we can open our hearts to care about other people, be involved in our community and the take care of the planet we live in. I feel deeply that if kids are curious then they will be motivated and children will naturally develop these skills

But just telling kids they should care about such things doesn’t seem to work for this generation who are trained to be so focused on themselves. I remembering suddenly feeling a mission to fostering a sense of curiosity. The next part of my journey found me sitting on the floor for hours with my own children playing with Magnetic Toys. Magnetism is a fun way to foster curiosity but it was missing something – the human element. As so the idea of sets with magnetic figurines was born. Magnetic Toy figures that create a sense of wonder about forces that exist even though they can’t be seen but adding how these people interact with each other and the environment. And giving these figures roles in their community to encourage games that develop a sense of purpose – but having great fun along the way.

I developed a set of prototypes - As I played with my kids, I realized this line of toys had the power to connect kids to their own sense of wonder and how all of us in the world are connected stimulating their curiosity. I was looking for something unique but at a reasonable cost so it would be available to kids everywhere. And it has turned out to be more popular than I had imaging combining fun and endless possibilities

Finally I was looking for a brand name that epitomized what I believed – and who better than one of the earliest masters of curiosity – Pythagoras best known for his scientific discoveries and curiosity about how the world works.

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