Magnetic Figures 4 Pack-Pilot Edition
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Magnetic Figures 4 Pack-Builder Edition.
$19.99 Regular price $22.99
Magnetic figures 4 Pack-Banker Edition
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Magnetic Helicopter Edition
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Allow your child to start a story of a lifetime! From that magnificent house and school constructed on the tileboard to the exciting cars and plane moving in from above and below, a party is about to get started!

Let creativity lead the way! —

From the varying shapes, colors, and sizes our magnetic toys come in to alphabets and the chances at simple calculations. While having fun, give your child the avenue to develop their problem-solving skills and language development through letters, colors, and shapes recognition.

— Grow the smarty in them!

Help your tot learn to move those limbs quickly with our engaging magnet toy set. As they try to build with their magnetic building blocks or move their favorite figurings around, they improve their gross and fine motor skills as well as their ability to hold onto things.

—Move like a genius

Our magnetic toy building blocks come with just the right color combination to spark curiosity and excitement. Whether it is during their playtime or study time, you can help them create lovely 3D shapes according to specific colors and have them identify each structure by their color, thereby boosting their color recognition and spatial reasoning skills.

Know your colors—


Feed your child’s imagination

Your child won’t find the right motivation to know their world and the people around them without a healthy dose of curiosity, and that can’t come without an encounter— our magnet toys bring such encounter right in front of them in the most exciting ways!

Develop your tot’s core skills

Your beautiful bowl of sunshine needs lots of engagement with their environment on various auditory, physical, and mental levels to enhance their executive functions. Our magnet toys are here to help your child advance on all their life skills and creativity.

Foster a better human

Our magnet toys come with various educational roles play that shows your child the merits of being a responsible and caring person. By utilizing our magnet toys, you educate your child on the various ways they can contribute to the life of their fellow humans and society.